Our History

Önem Gıda, on its journey that started in 1944, produces unique tastes with the heritage of Ülker experience. With our technological infrastructure, raw material quality, meticulous and hygienic production environments, we offer superior quality cocoa, chocolate, flour, hazelnut and related products with skill and pride. We continue our production, marketing, and sales activities worldwide with the Ülker tradition and institutionalism that has passed through generations.

Chocolate dough production

Chocolate dough production started. Since 1972, chocolate dough has been produced at the Önem Food Factory in Topkapı, Istanbul.

From chocolate bean to shelves

In 1976 with the establishment of cocoa processing facilities in Topkapı factory, we guaranteed the quality of Ülker Chocolate from beans to shelves.

Flour production

We started producing our own flour in 1978 to guarantee the quality of flour, which is the basic raw material of biscuit and cake products.

Start of hazelnut production

The hazelnut factory, which started its production with the shelled hazelnut crushing and selection facility, has now been transformed into a hazelnut integrated facility by including the mash, whole and chopped hazelnut production lines.

2008 Unshelled hazelnut cracking facility is transforming into hazelnut processing facility.

Since 2008, we have transformed our factory into a hazelnut integrated facility by including mash, whole and chopped hazelnut production lines in our factory, which continued its activities as a shelled cracking facility until 2008.

Service to professional manufacturers

Product sales began under the Ülker brand in the chocolate and cocoa market to serve professional producers of the out-of-home consumption market, with different lifestyles and consumption habits.

2018 Industrial Market

While continuing to grow in the out-of-home consumption sector, couverture chocolate and cocoa varieties, flake and drop chocolate production started.

2020 Collaboration with Earthworm

Önem Gıda started a program with Earthworm, an important non-govemmental organization, for Sustainable Cococa Supply in Ivory Coast.

Ülker Bisküvi acquired Önem Gıda

Ülker Bisküvi acquired Önem Gıda - of which Ülker is the main client - to achieve a high-level synergy in its main categories of chocolate and bakery products, and to strengthen the sustainable and profitable growth of the company.